Some of our branding work

Rebranding for CORPO NATURA a handmade natural cosmetics brand from the Dominican Republic and labels for their newest products: All natural Kombucha in multiple flavors.

Swim and beachwear brand based in the Caribbean.

Brand Id for FUNDABOM (Fundación Empresarial para Ayuda a los Cuerpos de Bomberos basada en la República Dominicana).

Brand Id for a line of straw “coffa” bags created and decorated handmade by local artisans in Sicilia, Italy.

Brand ID for LELA (Latina Endometrisis League of America).

Brand ID for a e-commerce cigar shop based in Santo Domingo.

Brand ID Proposal for the Guayubin Firefighters in the República Dominicana.

Brand Id for a Dominican catering company based in Miami, Florida.

Naming and Brand ID for a Pre-Cooked Porchetta company based in Santo Domingo.